Joint Fiscal Committee

Typical Meeting TimeAt least three times per year
Typical Meeting LocationMedia Access Center, McConnell Center
Board's LiaisonFinance Department

Email privacy statement
Email sent to the Dover Joint Fiscal Committee is considered a public record and subject to New Hampshire's Right-to-Know law, RSA 91:A, with limited exceptions as outlined in the law. All correspondence sent to the Dover Fiscal Committee via email may be subject to disclosure as a matter of public record. Correspondence that is not intended for public review, is confidential or intended to be confidential should not be sent to the email address above.

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Committee Purpose

The Joint Fiscal Committees duties shall include review of future financial requests of the School District. School Board members shall review the impact of their requests on the City’s total Budget or Capital Improvements Program. The Joint Fiscal Committee may, in its sole discretion, make recommendations to either the School Board or City Council.

Reference Administrative Code 5-15 Joint Fiscal Committee.

Committee Members

The Joint Fiscal Committee is comprised of all City Council and School Board members.