Name, Address & Ownership Changes


Address changes can only be made in writing by the owner of the property. Please complete the Address Change Form and return it to the Assessing Department in person with a valid ID. Alternatively, the form can be notarized and mailed. If the owner is a business or association, please provide a letter of instruction or other documentation to show the connection between the person signing the Address Change Form and the business. 

An address change with the Assessing department will update the mailing address for city mailings and tax bills. It may also be used to change the mailing address for Water & Sewer bills. If you are changing the address for Water & Sewer Billing only, please complete the Water & Sewer Account Change form found on their page.


Ownership of the property is based on the deed recorded with the Strafford County Registry of Deeds. Ownership can only be changed through a recorded transfer. Newly recorded deeds are typically pulled from the registry on a weekly basis and ownership changes are made accordingly. 


Official name changes can be made to the owner on record with the Name Change Form, a valid ID, and legal documentation of the change, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.