Violation Appeal

Any person who receives a parking ticket within the City of Dover has the opportunity to contest the ticket through an informal appeal process. Unpaid parking tickets more than ten days old will result in additional fees added to the original amount (See the Parking Fine Schedule).

A vehicle owner may be summonsed to court if ticket(s) are not paid by the deadline listed on the final notice. Therefore, it is important for a vehicle owner to act promptly to either pay the fine or file an appeal. 

In order to appeal a parking ticket, the vehicle owner or representative may click here to email the Hearings Officer ( Since this is strictly an email link, appeals must include the following: 

  • Ticket or citation number 
  • Type of violation 
  • Date of violation 
  • Name, address and daytime telephone number of the person appealing 
  • The circumstances and/or reasons why your appeal should be considered 
  • Short Visit Exception (No receipt needed for visits less than 15 minutes) is only valid for ON-STREET locations and NOT in parking lots or the garage.

Any statement or documentation presented in the appeal of a parking citation that proves to be false is grounds for immediate denial of the appeal, and the citation being upheld.

If a diagram or additional documentation in support of the appeal is necessary, the vehicle owner or representative may also submit an appeal by filling in the information called for on a Parking Violation Appeal Form and submitting it in person or by mail as soon as possible to:

Parking Bureau 
46 Locust Street 
Dover, NH 03820-3396 

Once an appeal is submitted, the ticket is on “hold” pending the Hearings Officer’s review of the circumstances. The Hearings Officer will make a determination, and notify the appellant of the result. Any appeal of the Hearings Officer’s decision must be through the Dover District Court. Note that the minimum court fine for parking offenses is $100. Any questions can be directed to the Parking Bureau at 603-516-6132.

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