Space Needs Study

The City of Dover has retained the services of AG Architects for the purpose of preparing a Space Needs Assessment for City Departments at City Hall, the Police Station, the Library, City offices within the McConnell Center and the Cemetery Chapel Facilities and Grounds offices. 

The report develops a comprehensive solution for meeting future anticipated space needs. Establishing space needs is a critical step in developing design concepts. Identifying space needs is achieved through an evaluation of City Hall Departments, an inspection of City Hall, developing projections for future needs, and preparing conceptual plans for appropriate options. 

There were three basic steps taken in preparing this report. The first involved collection of data on functions for each Department. A combination of a Department Questionnaire, interviews with Department Heads, and a review of existing facilities provided a base of information for understanding City services and available space. The second step focused on providing future projections of population, its impact on City Hall, and preparing a space program to meet these future needs. The final task has been to develop two alternate concept plans that address the present and future space needs for City Hall and the Police Department. A matrix was developed to compare these two options. 

A summary concludes with recommendations for resolving present space needs, meeting future anticipated needs, and meeting the needs of the City. 

AG Architects, PC 

Space Needs Assessment