Central Avenue North Water Improvements

Central Avenue North Water Improvements

updated: 1/7/2022

Project work wraps up for the season

Contractor to return in the spring for trench restoration, pavement overlay

The Central Avenue North Water Improvements project contractor has completed utility work, and no further work is expected until the spring of 2022. The contractor return then and conduct trench restoration and do a complete street pavement overlay.

Project overview

The Central Avenue North project replaces two sections of water mains. One is a 133-year-old 14-inch water main from Lowell Avenue to Abbey Sawyer Memorial Drive, a critical piece of infrastructure of the City of Dover’s water system. The other is an undersized six-inch water main from Glenwood Avenue to Lowell Avenue installed in 1927. The contractor has replaced both mains with new 16-inch ductile iron pipes expected to last the next 100-150 years. A complete street paving overlay is planned for the spring of 2022.

The project is significantly improving reliability and fire flow capacity. The improvements also provide better interconnection between the City’s two pressure zones, increasing the water system’s reliability throughout the City. 

Design work on the project began after the City Council in May 2020 authorized Underwood Engineers to perform the work. Underwood Engineers also provides day to day oversite of the project for the City of Dover. 

The project went out to bid in April 2021, and the City received three bids. At its June 23, 2021 meeting, the City Council selected the lowest responsive and responsible bid from N. Granese & Sons, Inc. of Salem, Massachusetts, as the contractor. The work began at the end of August 2021. 

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