Current Bids

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Current Bids

Community ServicesB22062

Elevator Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services

06/01/2022 2:00 PM

Survey Services for River Run Wildlife Management Area

06/01/2022 1:00 PM
Community ServicesB22074

Wastewater Treatment Facility Biosolids Disposal Services

06/01/2022 3:00 PM
Community ServicesB22076

Bobcat E88 Compact Excavator or Equivalent

06/07/2022 2:00 PM
Community ServicesB22075

Bulk Oil and Lubricant Products

06/08/2022 2:00 PM

2022-2023 Cooperative Bid for Chemicals

06/03/2022 1:00 PM

Specialized Municipal Legal Services

06/07/2022 2:30 PM
Community ServicesB22078

Bituminous Concrete (Asphalt) Picked Up

06/07/2022 3:00 PM

"Before and After" Conservation Easement Appraisal at 170 Garrison Road

06/08/2022 1:00 PM

CAMA Software and Conversion

06/15/2022 2:00 PM
Community ServicesB22079

Crosswalk Marking (400th Logo)

06/15/2022 2:00 PM



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