Donate Materials

All donors will be asked to wait while library staff assess the contents of each box. Items deemed not suitable will be returned to the donor for their disposal.

How to drop off your materials

Small Donations (i.e. a single bag or small box)

Accepted at the front desk any time during library hours.

Large Donations (maximum of 5 boxes)

Drop off appointments available twice monthly:

2nd Tuesday from 9am-noon

4th Thursday from 1-4pm

Call (603)516-6050 to schedule a drop-off time

What we will not take:

  • Encyclopedias and multi-volume sets
  • College textbooks (public libraries do not stock academic texts)
  • Outdated books (e.g. computer books about Windows XP)
  • Damaged books (e.g. dog-chewed cover)
  • Inaccurate content (“someday man will land on the moon” c. 1962)
  • Worn-out books
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed books
  • Items showing mold, mildew, or having a strong odor
  • VHS tapes, music or audio cassettes
  • National Geographic magazines
  • Any other items as judged by staff 

Thank you!

Dover Public Library