Donate Materials

The Dover Public Library appreciates the donation of books and DVDs that meet the Library’s conditions of acceptance. Please carefully check that items you wish to donate meet these conditions before you bring them to the library.  Donated materials become the property of the library.

Books must be in resalable condition. The Library will not accept items that have an odor, are damaged, or are soiled or stained. Staff will examine the materials and return any that cannot be used to the donor.

How to drop off your materials

Single items or small collections (one small bag or an armload) may be donated at the Adult Circulation Desk at any time. Patrons wishing to donate larger quantities of books should contact the Circulation Desk (603-516-6050) to make arrangements to drop off a maximum of 2 boxes during preset donation times each month. Donations should not be left outside, or placed in the book drops, or on the free magazine cart in the library.

The Library will accept the following materials only:

    • Fiction hardcover and paperbacks published with in the last 5 years.
    • Non-fiction hardcover and paperbacks.
    • Classic fiction hardcover and paperbacks.
    • DVDs in the original cases.

The Library will not accept Readers Digest Condensed Books, encyclopedias, other sets of books, such as Time-Life books, National Geographics, workbooks and study guides, non-commercially produced media, textbooks, or professional materials.

Thank you!

Dover Public Library