Fifth Street & Grove Street Reconstruction Project

updated 4/15/2022

The City of Dover has targeted Fifth Street and Grove Street for reconstruction to upgrade underground utilities and address drainage concerns and roadway/sidewalk conditions. 

The City of Dover is committed to a multi-modal approach to roadway design, particularly in urban residential areas. The City of Dover has tasked the design consultant to design the reconstruction project so that streets and sidewalks are safe and accessible for all users regardless of age, physical ability or mode of transport. To that end, the project will incorporate the City of Dover's Complete Streets & Traffic Calming Guidelines

Upcoming work

City workers and contractors will be working in the areas of Fifth Street and Grove Street to begin smoke testing of sewer and stormwater pipes starting Monday, April 18. The work also includes pipe cleaning work and the videoing of the underground pipes.

Smoke testing is used to help locate spots where stormwater and groundwater can enter the sewer system. It involves forcing non-toxic, harmless smoke through the sewer system. The odorless smoke used will not stain clothes or furniture and does not create a fire hazard. Smoke will appear if there are leaks in the system. Some smoke may enter homes and businesses if there are dried-up drain pipes or defective plumbing. Residents in the area can fill seldom-used drains with water to prevent smoke from entering the home.

If residents see smoke in their homes or on their property during the testing, they should notify the crew working on their street or contact Community Services at 603-516-6450.

Neighborhood meeting to be scheduled

Once the base survey is complete, the City of Dover will host a neighborhood meeting for the design consultant to present their findings and solicit feedback from the public. The feedback will be used to create final engineered design plans the city will use to put the project out to bid.

Email updates

As the project develops, the City of Dover plans regular email updates to help residents and business plans for the construction disruption. To sign-up for these updates, visit, add “Project update: Fifth Street and Grove Street Reconstruction” to your current email subscription list. 

Map of project area