CIP - Culture and Recreation

CIP - Culture and Recreation

The Culture and Recreation portion of the proposed CIP totals $249,500 in FY2021. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2021-26 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026.

Transfer to Capital Reserve - Parks/Playgrounds

Transfer of funds from the operating budget into reserve account for payment of future projects and equipment. This is revenue from the General Fund and ensures adequate funding is available for facility and infrastructure upgrades over time without gaps in funding.

Cost: $112,500

Park Infrastructure Replace/Maintenance

The 2009 Master Plan recommends a number of maintenance and upgrade items for parks throughout the city. These projects include replacing signage, increasing/replacing benches and other amenities as well as replacing and maintaining playground equipment before a complete rehabilitation is required at a greater price. 

Cost: $75,000

Jenny Thompson Pool Water Heating System

The Jenny Thompson Outdoor Pool is in demand from May into September, which requires the water to be heated. The filter has been updated and pumps replaced in the operating budget. The heater has to be completely replaced as it cannot be upgraded and it has reached the end of its effective life. It is very costly to operate and is unreliable. This affects operations and the ability to stay open and generate revenue. This change should enable staff to tie this unit into the energy management system.

Cost: $50,000

Jenny Thompson Pool Renovations

The Jenny Thompson Pool is a tremendous facility and is 42 years old. The main pool structure has held up very well over the years. However the concrete pool deck has begun to crack and settle and is in need of replacement. The winter pool cover that anchors into that deck is in need of replacement, the pool is losing water daily and the drain plumbing is suspected as the source of the leak and the pool Gunite liner is due for repairs. All of these together constitute a major project.

Cost: $12,000