Water and Sewer Billing

Water and Sewer Billing Office Finance 288 Central Ave
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Monday - Thursday

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Contact the Water and Sewer Billing Office by email at dover-utilitybilling@dover.nh.gov.

The Water and Sewer Billing Office is located in the Customer Service Center on the ground floor of City Hall. Entrances to the Customer Service Center are on Hale and Locust streets.

Current Water & Sewer Rates

Water and sewer rates are reviewed annually by the City Council as part of adopting the city's next fiscal year budget; these fees are included in the Schedule of Fees, which goes into effect annually on July 1.

As of July 1, 2023, the rates are as follows:  

Water Rate: $6.59
Sewer Rate: $10.26

Water & Sewer Billing Schedule

Water & Sewer bills for residential properties are mailed quarterly each year:

  • The first quarter of the calendar year covers roughly January to March and the bill is mailed on or about the end of April.
  • The second quarter of the calendar year covers roughly April to June and the bill is mailed on or about the end of July.
  • The third quarter of the calendar year covers roughly July to September and the bill is mailed on or about the end of October.
  • The fourth quarter of the calendar year covers roughly October to December and the bill is mailed on or about the end of January. Water & Sewer bills for industrial/commercial properties are mailed monthly.

Bills may be paid online

Water and sewer bills can be paid online. To make payments, customers must provide their Service ID number, or SID, located on the top right of their bill. The payment processing company charges a fee to complete an online transaction. Credit cards or or electronic check (ACH) may be used for payment. Please note: the payment processing company charges a $6.95 per transaction. American Express credit cards are not accepted.

Click here to make an online payment.

Water & Sewer Billing Information

The City of Dover bills in units. Each unit consists of 748 gallons. One unit of water costs $6.59. One unit of sewer costs $10.26. There is also a meter rent associated with each residence and that costs depends on the size of the meter.

Late payment of Water/Sewer bills: All water/sewer bills are due 30 days from the billing date. If the bill is based on an estimated reading and the estimate is not reasonable based on your reading, please contact the water/sewer billing office. Interest will accrue on the unpaid balance after the due date. The daily interest charge is calculated by multiplying the amount owed by 1.5% divided by 30.

Should any customer fail to pay charges when due, services may be terminated and only be resumed when all past-due invoices are paid. For past-due utility bills exceeding $500, the City of Dover will record a lien on the property at the Strafford County Registry of Deeds. Registry of Deeds recording and discharge fees will be billed to accounts with liens.

Please call the water/sewer billing office if you cannot pay your bill when due.

Pool credit for sewer charges: Pool owners with city sewer service may apply annually for a sewer credit for water used to fill the pool. Those without sewer service are not eligible for the credit. To obtain the credit, you must record the water meter reading before and after filling the pool and provide the pool's dimensions and water capacity. You may apply for the credit through the online form, available here. A paper form is available at Water & Sewer Billing Office and online here. Once the paper form is completed, turn it in to the Water & Sewer Billing Office on the City Hall's ground floor at 288 Central Ave., in Dover. For questions, call the office at 603-516-6028 or email dover-utilitybilling@dover.nh.gov.

Filing a Water/Sewer Abatement Request: If a reason exists that a customer does not believe the amount due is valid and wishes to have it reviewed, they must file an abatement request within 180 days from the date of the bill in question. An abatement request form is available from the Water & Sewer Billing Office. Abatement requests are forwarded to Abatement Review Team at the Community Services Department for review. If you disagree with the decision that is rendered by the Abatement Review Team you may appeal to the Dover Utilities Commission.  Customers have 30-days from the date of the abatement decision letter to appeal to the Dover Utilities Commission.

High Bills: The #1 cause of a high bill is a leaking toilet. You do not have to see or hear a leak to have one. One way to check for leaks is to check the little blue dial on the face of your meter and if that dial is slowly turning while NO water is being used in the home then you have a leak somewhere inside the home.

More ways to check for leaks:

  • Check the overflow tube in the back of the toilet tank and if there is water flowing over into it you have an issue.
  • Put food coloring into the back of the toilet tank if that color shows up in the toilet bowl after 30 minutes you have an issue.

Checking Your Usage: We recommend that homeowners spot check the reading on their meters to help alleviate the possibility of a high bill due to a leaking toilet or some other issue that they are not aware of. We also recommend that landlords check the meter readings on their rental properties at least once a month in order to keep an eye on a possible issue within the rental unit.

Questions? Contact the Water and Sewer Billing Office using the contact information above.

POOL CREDIT FORM: If you have City sewer and fill your pool please take the before and after meter readings and then fill out the pool credit form and return to the Water Sewer Billing Office to receive a sewer credit. The form can also be emailed to Dover-UtilityBilling@dover.nh.gov. Thank you.