CIP - Sewer Fund

CIP - Sewer Fund

The Sewer Fund portion of the proposed CIP totals $1,380,000 in FY2021. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2021-26 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026.

Transfer to Capital Reserve

Transfer of funds from the operating budget into reserve account for payment of future projects and equipment. To ensure adequate funding is available for facility and infrastructure upgrades without having large increases in water rates.

Cost: $500,000

Inflow/Infiltration Mitigation

During periods of heavy rainfall and snow melt, clean water enters the sewer distribution system and occasionally causes surcharging of the system resulting in the bypass of untreated sewerage to the Bellamy and Cochecho Rivers. This storm water is known as Inflow and Infiltration and must be reduced. It enters the systems through leaking manholes, pipes, roof leaders, basement drains and catch basins discharging to the sewer system.

Cost: $300,000

Pump Station Equipment Replacement/Maintenance

The City has several sewer pumping stations that are in need of upgrades and replacements. These stations must continue to be in top operating condition in order to prevent violations of the City’s NPDES permit.

Cost: $75,000

Sewer Heavy Equipment Replacement

This fund is used to replace larger equipment within the Water and Sewer departments. Similar to the Police Vehicle Replacement program, some year’s have no equipment purchase, as the funds are allocated to larger purchases the following year. These vehicles are used to perform utility replacement at job sites.

Cost: $40,000

Sewer Light Vehicle Replacement

Replacement of light vehicles, such as vans and pickup trucks.These vehicles are used to transport utility staff and replacement parts to job sites.

Cost: $15,000

Sewer Main Replacements - City Wide

There are section of sewer mains throughout the City that are in need of replacement due to cracks, collapse and blockages. Some of the first areas to be addressed are Atkinson Street, Hanson Street, Richmond Street, Grove Street and Central Avenue.

Cost: $150,000

Sewer inspection Camera

Replacement of 2001 sewer inspection camera used to inspect sewer lines as well as trouble shoot problems in sewer and stormwater lines.

Cost: $150,000

Sewer Main Extension - Durham Road

This project will study the feasibility of extending public water from Mast Road to the Madbury town line along Durham Road. The area is zoned commercially and has economic development growth potential, which would be enhanced with municipal utilities.

Cost: $100,000

Sewer Main Replacement - South Central Avenue

This project will design the replacement of an existing sewer main that is pre 1900’s. This line is not repairable and cannot be video recorded. This line also services all business in the City Hall area.

Cost: $50,000