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Blog #1 - July 2022


Oh, sorry, I hope I didn’t scare you!  That’s just the way I say ‘hello’.  My name’s Bluebeary, because I’m Blue, and very.…Beary! What’s your name? (I like that name too.)

I like to hang out in the kid’s room at the Dover Public Library because you all read the BEST stories. And stories are my favorite. My story is kind of interesting too (‘interesting’ here means exciting, or curious). Did you know that I’ve been hanging out with library kids for 17 years?  Yup, I’ve been listening to kids play, and read, and sing, and do crafts, and have all kinds of fun at DPL since 2005; from the very first day that I joined a bear parade.  Did you know bears could go on parade?  Well, they can, it’s not just for boy scouts and fire engines.

 My parade was to celebrate one of Dover’s birthdays – a city with a birthday?  You bet. Not only did we parade but we also danced!  Myself and 31 other bears got all dressed up and we danced through Dover – it was so much fun! And I’ve been a part of the children’s room at DPL ever since; watching children grow and learn and read, and I can’t even count how many hugs I’ve had! I love hugs almost as much as I love stories.

So, that’s a story about me. I would love to hear one of yours.  I bet it’s curious and exciting too!  The next time you come to the library, come visit me in the kid’s room.  You could bring your parents if you want You can’t miss me, because I’m REALLY big and REALLY blue.  And I love children – but not for breakfast – just to hang out with.

Here’s hoping I get to see you soon,

GRRRR-ingly yours!!!!!,


(p.s. that’s how I say goodbye too)

You can learn more about Bluebeary’s story here, or ask at the library!

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