Labor Relations and Compensation

Labor Relations and Compensation

The City of Dover’s compensation program is a basic management tool which serves to attract, retain, and motivate employees in achieving the objectives of the City. In accordance with the City’s compensation philosophy, the City attempts to maintain pay levels for its employees which are based upon median pay rates reported for similar jobs identified in both the public and private sector markets. The City’s objective is “to not be the highest and to not be the lowest” in terms of pay rates.

The following are the principles that guide the design, implementation and administration of the City’s overall program.

“To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees and to encourage the further creation of a team concept within and among all City departments so that the work of the City continues to be completed in a professional and fiscally responsible manner.”

The City’s compensation program ensures that employees are properly rewarded for work performed, that both internal and external equity are maintained, and that control is maintained over compensation costs. As intended, the program helps to attract top talent, retain core employees, and encourage longevity while effectively using financial resources allocated within the City budget. The administration of the City’s compensation program involves the following activities: Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Job Pricing, Pay Plan, and Pay Administration.


2020 Total Compensation and Classification, Final Report