The City Council approved a franchise agreement with Breezeline, formerly known as Atlantic Broadband, on July 28, 2021. The franchise agreement pertains only to cable television provided by Breezeline within the City of Dover.

The cable franchise agreement with Breezeline can be viewed here.

In addition to cable television, Breezeline intends to provide high-speed internet and phone service.

For existing or potential Breezeline customers

Breezeline announced on July 13 that its service will soon be available in some locations in Dover. Breezeline's system utilizes Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology. More information about Breezeline's service in Dover can be found at Breezeline's customer service phone number is 1-888-536-9600.

Current information about Breezeline's citywide installation

Cable television and internet provider Breezeline continues to install conduit underground around the City of Dover that will be used to provide services to residents and businesses. As that work continues, residents can expect to see Breezeline and its contractors at locations throughout the city. Breezeline is also installing cables on utility poles throughout the city.

The information below is provided by Breezeline. For questions pertaining to Breezeline's site work, including questions or issues related to the construction or excavation work, call 603-330-2224.

A contractor for Breezeline is working at the following location:

  • Labrador Lane

Contractors for Breezline are also be working on utility poles along the following roads: 

  • Bellamy Road
  • Hartswood Road
  • Sunset Drive
  • French Cross Road
  • Boston Harbor Road
  • Dover Point Road
  • Leighton Road
  • Heaphy Lane
  • Wiggin Drive
  • Hilton Road
  • Wentworth Terrace
  • Tuttle Lane
  • Evans Drive
  • Royer Lane
  • Ayers Lane
  • Riverside Drive
  • Roberts Road
  • Roberta Drive
  • Forsythia Drive
  • Cote Drive
  • Center Drive
  • Stevens Drive
  • Folsom Street
  • Stark Avenue
  • Central Avenue

Work is complete at the following locations:

  • Danielle Lane
  • Mathes Hill Drive
  • Venture Drive
  • Quality Way
  • Sullivan Drive
  • Sandpiper Drive
  • Evergreen Valley Drive
  • Bristol Lane
  • Lisa Beth Drive
  • Gerry's Lane
  • Landing Way
  • Fairway Drive
  • Briarwood Lane
  • Homestead Lane
  • Country Club Estates
  • Governor Sawyer Road
  • Quail Drive
  • Mallard Lane
  • Corbin Drive
  • Cailey Anna Lane
  • Digby Lane
  • Grady's Lane
  • Woodland Road
  • Ivan's Lane
  • Cassily Lane
  • Toftree Lane
  • Pondview Drive
  • Hawthorn Road
  • Hubbard Road
  • Harlan's Way
  • Erzro's Way
  • Susannah's Way Crossing
  • Emerald Lane 
  • Boxwood Lane
  • Cherrywood DRive
  • Ironwood Drive
  • Cottonwood Drive
  • Wildewood Lane
  • Fieldstone Drive
  • Winding Brook Drive
  • Reyners Brook Drive 
  • Taylor Road
  • Lillian's Way
  • Belanger Drive
  • Cordeiro Drive
  • Picard Lane
  • Parsons Lane
  • Carriage Hill Lane
  • Karen's Way
  • Balwin Way
  • Foxtail Ridge
  • Grandview Drive
  • Lucy Lane
  • Lucy Court
  • Wallace Drive
  • Erik Drive
  • Gladiola Way
  • Dean Drive
  • Overlook Drive
  • Quaker Lane
  • Coney Drive
  • Orchard Street
  • Nye Lane