Municipal Documents

Access to municipal documents are provided by two systems.

  1. Website - a location where documents are dynamically added and removed on a daily basis
  2. Online Archives - an electronic archive system for long term archival as well as efficient searching and retrieval of documents.

Online Archives

The City of Dover has used electronic storage of documents for several years.  This allows for efficient archival as well as searching and fast retrieval of a large number of documents.  Below you will find an index of documents currently available for viewing.  For a brief tutorial on using this service, please click here.

Public Meeting and Records Information Maintained by the City Clerk's Office

City Manager Correspondence Maintained by City Manager's Office

Financial Information maintained by the Finance Office

School District Policies maintained by School Administrative Office

Historical Records maintained by the Dover Public Library

Website Forms and Documents posted under City Operations

Click here for all municipal documents located under City Operations.

All municipal department forms located under City Operations are listed below.