Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

Records Bureau Employee(s) of the Quarter


Beginning in March, the police department had to make several adjustments to our daily operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a direct result, our traditional work flow patterns were disrupted, requiring many to improvise.  This was especially true for the Records Bureau.  During this time, they worked tirelessly and selflessly in an effort to accomplish the important tasks of maintaining, storing, and distributing police documents as required by both policy and law.  While these functions are often overlooked when people think of police operations, the role of the Records Bureau is vital to the mission of the Dover Police Department.

Additionally, the Records Bureau personnel have an approachable and friendly nature when interacting with the public.  This is an essential component of the agency’s reputation within the community.  This approachability and positivity also translates to police department staff that interact with their fellow employees in the Records Bureau.  They are always quick to assist anyone with what they need.

The Records Bureau, comprised of Diana Wingren, John Carmichael, Kerry Boston, Lisa Dalton, and Lisa Crowley, provided selfless service and did so without complaint; thereby setting the example for all of us.

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