Employee of the Quarter

Deputy Parking Manager Michael Cicchese

Deputy Parking Manager Michael Cicchese was nominated for employee of the quarter, for exceptional work specifically relating to the 1st quarter of the year.

Over the past year, Mike has risen to the challenge of handling a significant increase in his workload due to the loss of the city’s online parking citation payment option.

In the past, 75-80% of parking citations were paid online and a simple report was reviewed each morning. Currently, all payments are now made by phone, by mail, or in person. These payments require manual entry. In January alone, 800 citations needed to be entered into the payment system. In February, that number rose even higher. In addition, the number of unpaid violations rose, resulting in a significant jump in late notices that needed to be created and mailed. Previously, there would be 30-50 late notices per week depending on the season. That number has now tripled.

Although Mike experienced the increased workload, he made sure all his other duties were completed at the high level he is known for. Further, Mike is always friendly, approachable, and helpful.

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