DoverPalooza Music Shows


DoverPalooza Live Performance Shows At The Dover Teen Center

There are so many great, young bands out there that don’t have a place to play. We had a vision to create a venue where these bands could play loud and in front of a large crowd. The DoverPalooza Live Rock shows started at the Dover Teen Center in June 2007 and have been steadily rocking ever since.

Live, local bands take the stage in our Arts Room, while crowds take in the performances. On any given show night, we have four to six bands that rotate through 25 to 35 minute sets, sometimes with an acoustic guitar opening act.

Bands that play the Dover Teen Center quickly become regulars because the show is that much fun and the crowd is that much into the live music.

“We love playing here, it’s one of our favorite places to play,” said Hadden Stamp, lead singer of The New Highway Hymnal.

“Its great to see that the Teen Center has become a hot spot for live music,” said Tyler Burdwood, lead singer of Bellwire.

DoverPalooza occurs about every other month during the school year. Our school year shows are on Friday or Saturday nights, and if we have summer shows, they are usually on Thursday nights. Shows are FREE and run from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Refreshments are available at our vending area.


Keep checking the monthly calendar and

 the Teen Center Facebook Page at:


During the shows, especially in between performers, many of you venture out on to McConnell Center property. PLEASE, respect this area by:
* Keeping noise down
* Picking up after yourself...There are dumpsters in the alley!
* Using designated smoking areas


Please understand that by allowing your participant to attend, they are attending for the SHOW...and not to be loitering in town or on McConnell Center grounds.

When the show ends, and the doors are locked, you need to leave the McConnell Center grounds.

REMEMBER...Always check back here for the "line-up" for each show. Show dates and line-ups are subject to change, just keep checking here for the latest news!

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