Citywide Resilience Plan

Mission Statement: 

Resilience is the City of Dover’s ability as an entire community to respond to adversity in the face of environmental, social and economic stressors. The core purpose of the Citywide Resilience Plan (Plan) is to publicly establish a work plan for the City to equitably increase its resiliency, in fiscally responsible ways, across a variety of categories including public outreach, energy, food systems and ecosystem management. Emphasis is placed on items pertaining to the City Council Goals and the role the Planning and Community Development Department plays in supporting the work of citizen led bodies such as the Conservation Commission, Energy Commission and Open Lands Committee. Specific areas reviewed and discussed include:

  • Community Outreach 
  • The potential of a Dover Community Power Program
  • Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy 
  • Food Systems 
  • Municipal Energy Use
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation 
  • Integration of Heat Pumps 
  • Municipal Solar Expansion 
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Expansion 
  • Forest and Ecosystem Management 

The Citywide Resilience Plan was unanimously endorsed by the Dover Planning Board during its January 24th, 2023 meeting. 

The Plan was officially adopted by the Dover City Council during its February 8th, 2023 meeting.

For input and/or related questions please contact the City's Resilience Manager, Dr. Jackson Kaspari using the information listed below. 

Phone: (603) 516-6008


Click HERE to access the adopted Plan