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Cochecho Waterfront Development Request for Qualifications

The Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee and the City issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on Sept. 29, 2017 to identify developers qualified to propose and implement a mixed-use development of the 29-acre City-owned Cochecho riverfront property.

The RFQ and related information can be viewed here:

Request for Qualifications, September 2017 (B18005)

Request for Proposals, March 28, 2018

Requests for proposals were received on May 24, 2018. They are as follows:

On December 6, CWDAC received the following 6 responses:

The CWDAC adopted updated Design Guidelines to establish standards for the visual quality of the design and subsequent development of the Dover Waterfront along the Cochecho River. The guidelines were approved by CWDAC on Sept. 19, 2017.

The Design Guidelines can be viewed here:

CWDAC Design Guidelines, September 2017

Committee work ongoing

The Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee is weighing new options to develop the City's waterfront property along the Cocheco River. After an initial development plan was withdrawn by the developer, the committee has met to look at other development options. That process includes regular meetings and public feedback.

To facilitate up-to-date information about the committee's work, several new tools are available for those interested in learning more about the process or to communicate with the group.

A waterfront development newsletter is now available. This newsletter includes more detailed and updated information about the committee's work and meetings, proposals and other topics of interest. To sign up to receive the newsletter, click here, or e-mail City Planner Steve Bird.

The newsletters will be archived and available below.

In addition, this page will be updated with information as the committee continues to pursue development options.

For more information about the Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee, visit the committee page here, or e-mail Committee Chairman Dana Lynch at

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Waterfront Development: A Timeline

On February 9, 2005 the City Council established the Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee (CWDAC) and delegated the task of the waterfront redevelopment to the Dover Housing Authority (DHA).  The CWDAC was responsible for reviewing all aspects of the City's River Street parcel redevelopment and facilitating a plan for developing the lot as a multi-faceted destination point, offering recreational, economic and quality of life opportunities for everyone.

City-owned Parcel Ripe for Development

The approximately 30-acre waterfront parcel is located on River Street. Formerly the parcel played host to a City Farm, a jail, a wastewater treatment plant, school bus storage, the City's Recycling center, and most recently the public works building. Significant community investments have cleared the way to make this unique property ripe for development

Parcel has Rich History

The City's River Street parcel was once a lively trading center with wharfs, warehouses, docks, and trading ships from many parts of the world. Over time, ships were replaced by railroads and the automobile leaving the parcel to become blighted and neglected. During the past two decades, the City has embarked on an aggressive campaign to redevelop and revitalize this area.


The parcel is located adjacent to Downtown Dover. It fronts along the Cochecho River, and abuts two City-owned parks, Maglaras Park, to the south) and Henry Law Park to the west. The parcel is located off Henry Law Avenue on River Street.

Active Public Participation

The CWDAC engaged in an extensive series of public meetings and hearings during 2006 and 2007.  The public meetings were held to further define design parameters for development of the area, and solicit public input. 

Additionally, there will be continued opportunities for the public to be part of the planning and permitting for the development of the parcel.  

Waterfront Design Guidelines

In January of 2008, the DHA hired the Cecil Group as a consultant to assist the CWDAC with the development of design standards.  Over the course of ten months, the consultant and the CWDAC held public meetings with stakeholders and community members to develop design standards for the public waterfront park, the private sector, and the public ways.  The design review process was also spelled out in detail.

On November 10th, 2008 the CWDAC adopted Design Guidelines for the Waterfront. Click here to view the Waterfront Design Guidelines.

Dickinson Development Plan

The CWDAC issued a Request for Qualifications in May of 2005 and four companies’ submitted responses on June 30, 2005. The CWDAC interviewed the companies and selected two to proceed to the Request For Proposal stage.

Request for Proposals were issued on November 29, 2005 and on March 17, 2006 Dickinson Development submitted a complete proposal. The other finalist, LNR, declined to submit a proposal. On August 23, 2006, the CWDAC voted to grant preliminary developer designation to Dickinson Development.

In July 2014, Dickinson Development submitted a letter of withdrawal from the project. For more information of the Dickinson plan, visit the Dickinson Development Plan page here.

Next Steps

On September 3rd, 2014, CWDAC presented an update to the City Council. View the presentation

At its meeting of October 20, 2014, CWDAC review the constraints and opportunities of the parcel. View the presentation

In February of 2015 a market analysis of the property was completed for CWDAC.