Solar Exemption

The City of Dover offers a solar exemption to residential property owners with solar panels. At this time, the exemption has only been approved for residential properties. The amount of the exemption will vary by property and is based on the assessed value of the solar panels. Please review RSA 72:61 and 72:62 for additional details about the solar exemption.


To apply, complete page 1 of the PA-29 form Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit/Exemptions below and return it to the Assessing Office either in person or by mail. Applications are due by April 15th each year.

Once an application is received, the Assessing office will verify that the property has solar panels. When you receive the exemption will depend on when your panels were installed. If the installation was completed after April 1st, we may hold approval of the exemption until the next tax year.

If you recently purchased a home with solar panels that has been receiving the solar exemption, you will need to apply to continue to receiving the exemption.

Please call the Assessor’s office with any questions.

PA-29 Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit/Exemptions