FY2013 Budget

Each year the City Manager presents a proposed budget to the City Council.  The City Council adopted the fiscal year 2013 budget at its special meeting on Wednesday, June 6, 2012. The amended budget resolution, which represented changes identified by the City Council during workshop sessions, can be viewed here.

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The complete proposed FY2013 budget, as presented to the City Council on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, can be viewed here: FY2013 Proposed Budget To view a summary of the proposed FY2013 budget, click here: FY2013 Proposed Budget Summary To view the proposed fee schedule for FY2013, click here: FY2013 Proposed Fee Schedule Below is the PowerPoint presentation made to the City Council by City Manager J. Michael Joyal, Jr., on Wednesday, April 11, 2012.


Additional documents:

The City of Dover each year conducts an informal survey of residents to help gauge budget priorities. This exercise, Dover Dollars, consists of ballot boxes located at City Hall and allows residents to vote on budget priorities with limited funds. The results of this year's Dover Dollars exercise can be found here. In 2011, the residents participated in a budget survey by mail. The survey, conducted by the National Citizen Survey, asked residents to rate budgeted resources and programs by priority, from highest to lowest. The 2011 Citizen Survey can be viewed here. At the April 25, 2012, City Council meeting, City Manager J. Michael Joyal, Jr., provided the Council with organizational staffing charts for all City departments, as well as grant funding received in the four previous fiscal years, and anticipated grant funding in FY2013. The handouts can be viewed here: FY2012 Organizational Staffing Charts and Grant Funding 

Tax cap

City Manager J. Michael Joyal, Jr., presented the City Council with an analysis of the proposed FY2013 budget, based on the tax cap provisions. The analysis can be viewed here.

Special budget presentation meetings and materials

FY2013 Budget Presentation to the City Council

Community Services proposed budget presentation

Police Department proposed budget presentation

Fire and Rescue proposed budget presentation

Police and Fire presentation to the City Council

City Council workshop on revenue

Legal Division proposed budget presentation

Public Library budget presentation

Finance Department budget presentation

Planning Department budget presentation

Recreation Department budget presentation

Information Technology budget presentation

City Council budget workshop on General Government, Recreation and the Library

City Council budget workshop, general discussion

City Council budget workshop, 6/4/2012

City Council budget workshop, 6/6/2012

City Council special meeting, budget, 6/6/2012