Whitter Street Sidewalk Improvements

updated 4/5/2023

Project Update

G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc., the contractor that installed the new Whittier Street sidewalks last year, will return the week of April 10 to complete the remaining work on the project before a final coat of pavement is laid. The work is anticipated to take about a week to complete.

The work includes:

  • Removing and resetting the granite curb on Whittier Street's west side near the Glenwood Avenue intersection;
  • Adjusting frame and grates of three draining structures; and
  • Modifying mailbox posts on the east side of the street to ensure they do not twist into the roadway.

A paving date has yet to be set, but it will occur this construction season. City staff will notify residents once a date is set.

Traffic restrictions

When the contractor is working, traffic will be limited to one lane through the work area, alternated by flaggers.

For questions or for more information, contact Assistant City Engineer Jillian Semprini at 603-516-6450 or j.semprini@dover.nh.gov.

Project Overview

This project will install a sidewalk on the easterly side of upper Whittier Street from Sixth Street to Glenwood Avenue, connecting to existing sidewalks on Glenwood Avenue, Sixth Street and lower Whittier Street. The City Council awarded the contraction bid to GW Brooks Brooks & Son, Inc., of Freedom, for a cost not exceed $488,163.

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Project History

This project was part of the Capital Improvements Program, the six year document updated annually the city utilizes to plan for significant capital projects. In 2018, the city held a competitive bid to select a consultant to design engineering plans for the project. The City Council awarded that contract in 2018 to The Engineering Corporation (TEC). After an initial neighborhood meeting about the project on Aug. 2, 2018 at the Community Services headquarters on Mast Road, TEC created design specifications for the project. The City of Dover sought construction bids on Feb. 2, 2022. The City Council awarded the bid on March 23, 2022 to G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc. of Freedom. 

The City of Dover held two neighborhood meetings in 2022 about the project. The first was on April 5, and the second was on May 11. At the May 11 meeting, attendees were introduced to the contractor.

Project Documents