Transportation Advisory Committee

In 2001, the City Council created the Transportation Advisory Commission to review all transportation policy and safety matters in the City.  According to the City Code the Commission shall review policies concerning all forms of transportation affecting the City such as conventional vehicles, transit, alternative modes (i.e. pedestrian and bicycles), commercial vehicles, and attendant amenities. 

A core responsibility shall be serving as a sounding board for citizens’ traffic, pedestrian and safety issues and making recommendations to Council or staff for appropriate action. The Commission shall coordinate with and solicit feedback from the School Department Transportation Committee regarding sidewalk and crosswalk safety issues on a quarterly basis.

The Commission shall aid in the development of the City Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by soliciting citizen input on needed projects for submission to the Planning Board and City Council.

"Further, the Commission shall study issues arising under the City of Dover Master Plan as they relate to transportation. The Commission shall make recommendations to the City Council and/or Planning Board and shall study and prepare reports to aid in the development, implementation, and general improvement of the Master Plan relating to the transportation in the City of Dover.

Transportation Links:

C&J Trailways
The Downeaster (Amtrak)
Getting Involved

If you would like to become part of the process, you have the following options:

Come to a meeting, the TAC always welcomes citizen input on Transportation topics. 

Submit an Agenda Issue - To place an issue on the agenda for a future meeting, please contact either Sergeant Marn Speidel in the Police Department or Planning Director Donna Benton.

Transportation Improvement Projects

As part of the City's planning process, transportation projects are developed and worked on with the assistance of Federal and State Aid. Below is a list of some of the current Projects.

  • Durham Road Shoulders 
  • Back River Rd Signals 
  • Dover Point Road Shoulders & City-Wide Bicycle Amenities 
  • Knox Marsh Road Sidewalks 
  • New Rochester Road Sidewalks 
  • Central Avenue Signal Coordination 
  • FasTrans
  • Community Trail

Washington Street Bridge over Cochecho River Special Projects

Some of the special projects that the TAC has been and is involved with are:

  • Downtown Traffic Study – located under special projects in the directory
  • Downtown Transit Loop  - located under special projects in the directory
  • Crosswalk Standards 
  • Promoting Pedestrian facilities 
  • E-911 Street Renaming Process
  • City-wide Truck Route Restrictions
  • Broadway/St. John St. channelization
  • Reconstruct Bellamy Rd 
  • Parking Facility Study

Complete Streets & Traffic Calming Guidelines 

The purpose of this document is to guide local decision makers and city staff, using a context-sensitive approach, to develop a transportation network that serves the widest range of Dover’s residents possible. Complete streets are not intended to be prescriptive, and instead act as a framework for creating a more level playing field for travel modes. 

An update to the Complete Streets and Traffic Calming Guidelines was endorsed by the Transportation Advisory Committee on May 24, 2021 and adopted by the Planning Board on June 22, 2021. 

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