Option 3

Option 3

Renovation/Addition - Option A


This option involves renovation and additions to the existing school, including parts of Alumni Drive.

This option preserves and renovates the Career Technical Center and the gymnaisum and auditorium wings of the high school, while demolishing the central classroom portion of the existing building. The classroom portion would be replaced with a new entrance and academic center placed on the existing parking lot to the south of the high school. This approach was suggested by the findings of the existing conditions report. The existing conditions report determined that the central classroom portion of the high school would be the most complex and costly portion of the school to renovate. This is due primarily to the structural upgrades that would accompany any significant renovation in that portion of the building. In contrast, neither the CTC wing nor the gymnasium and auditorium portions of the building require significant structural upgrades.

The following pros and cons of this options were identified as:


  • Minimal impact of the construction to on-going programs
  • Achieves some academic goals
  • Minimal impact on play fields


  • Does not integrate the CTE programs with the academic programs
  • Would have significant impact on the students during construction
  • Challenges for emergency access to all sides of the existing building during construction
  • Longer construction duration than new construction option
  • Length of construction challenging. The construction duration would be approximately 6 months beyond a new construction option. 
  • The impact of having the construction adjacent to the classrooms would be significant. Many of the classrooms that would be adjacent to the construction rely on the operable windows for ventilation and cooling
  • Acoustical impacts would also be great for those south facing classrooms
  • Entry and bus drop off would be challenging
  • Access to the animal sciences barn and building service area would be severely constrained by the new layout

The JBC voted not to pursue this option primarily because of construction impacts on the ongoing programs. With construction immediately adjacent to the existing building ventilation and acoustics would be compromised over an extended period of time. In addition, both vehicular and pedestrian access to and from the existing school would be difficult for the duration of construction. The desired educational goals were not fully accomplished through this approach with the CTC and the academic program still primarily separated.