Pay by Phone


The City of Dover has added a Pay-by-Phone program for all parking lots and on-street locations similar to what is available in the parking garage.

When using the garage, drivers can pay at the meters in the garage or use the FLOWBIRD pay-by-phone application. The program, which is now known as FLOWBIRD, works exactly as it did under its previous name, WHOOSH. 

In the garage, open the app and enter your space number to pay for parking. Now, in addition to the garage, you can pay for specific parking lots, as well any on-street parking spaces, directly from the app.

Once the app is downloaded, set up an account and select a parking lot or the on-street option. The system will send you a text reminder when your parking session is about to expire. You can extend your stay from the app, wherever you are. There is a 25 cent fee to use the app.  

When using the app for parking locations with the progressive pricing structure (including all on-street locations and the Belknap, Orchard and Indoor Pool Lots), if you do not extend your parking session before it expires, you will not be able to use the app for an hour. You would need to use a street meter instead.

The city's parking officers use a cell phone to confirm paid parking.

Flowbird can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.