CIP - Public Works

CIP - Public Works

The Public Works portion of the proposed CIP totals $4,636,788 in FY2021. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2021-26 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026.

Heavy Equipment

The City’s inventory of vehicles and equipment includes nearly 130 units with a replacement value of $7.9 million. This includes 16 large dump trucks and four loaders for snow removal.  The oldest plowing units are a 1996 GMC top-kick, six-wheel dump truck; a 1999 International six-wheel dump truck; and a 1999 International 10-wheel dump truck.

Cost: $350,000

General Street Improvements

This projects addresses annual road paving based on the City's road surface management program.

Cost: $2,164,803

General Sidewalk Improvements

This allocation addresses the annual management program for sidewalk replacements.

Cost: $116,985

Bridge Improvements

This allocation addresses annual bridge maintenance based on a bridge repair program for the City’s 11 bridges.

Cost: $140,000

Drainage System Improvements

USEPA Phase II Storm water Regulations require improvements to systems to improve water quality.

Cost: 175,000

Traffic Signal Upgrades/Traffic Calming

This project will fund an annual replacement and upgrading of 33 traffic signal equipment on a rotating citywide basis. It will also add traffic calming and safety. This ongoing maintenance will reduce the need for the City to undertake citywide retiming and equipment projects.

Cost: $90,000

Central Avenue Drainage Work

This project will replace existing drainage and includes work on side streets such as Summer, Spring and Trakey streets. 

Cost: $150,000

Congestion Mitigation Route 108

This project will design solutions to address the congestion that exists around the Route 108 bridge. It will implement the improvements suggested by the 2016/2017 Route 108 Study.  

Cost: $250,000

Downtown Traffic Efficiency Improvements

This project would implement improvements to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow through the central business district. These improvements would include traffic calming elements on Chestnut Street, and other design features such as wayfinding elements to improve access and flow.

Cost: $300,000

Street Reconstruction - Broadway and Oak, Elm and Ela streets

This project will design and repair the infrastructure in the Oak, Ham, Ela and Broadway area of the city. The project will include improvements to streets, drainage, roadways and sidewalks. The project will also include water and sewer design and repairs funded by the appropriate enterprise fund.

Cost: $900,000