Tri-City Homelessness Task Force

The mayors of Dover, Somersworth and Rochester formed the Tri-City Joint Task Force on Homelessness in 2018 as part of a regional initiative to address homelessness.

The Task Force drafted a master plan that outlined how all three cities can better address the needs of the homeless, including a regional homeless shelter. The three cities adopted the master plan in 2019, with the Dover City Council adopting it on May 22, 2019.

The adopted master plan can be viewed here:

Tri-City Mayors’ Joint Task Force on Homelessness Master Plan

The Dover City Council held a workshop session on Dec. 1, 2021 to review the status of goals set by the Tri-City Joint Task Force on Homelessness. The workshop also included updates on continuing efforts by the City of Dover to address homelessness. The meeting can be viewed at this link or below.

At the City Council's Jan. 12, 2022 meeting, Mayor Robert Carrier announced the Tri-City taskforce had been disbanded, and that city staff from Dover, Rochester and Somersworth continue to work and collaborate on the homelessness issue.

Tri-City Joint Task Force on Homelessness agendas

Tri-City Joint Task Force on Homelessness meeting minutes