Property Tax Collection

The City Clerk/Tax Collection Office accepts all payments for property taxes.

The property tax bills are mailed out twice a year to property owners; in late October, due December 1, and again in mid-April, due June 1.  Although the requirement states that the tax bills will be due by these dates (December 1 and June 1) the actual date on which the tax rate is determined and communicated to us by the NH Department of Revenue Administration may vary.  Please contact the City Clerk / Tax Collection office at (603) 516-6018 or for details regarding the actual date on which your taxes are due.

Property taxes are assessed April 1. Chapter 28 of the Special Session Laws of 1982 regulates the collection of property taxes in Dover. It provides that taxes are due as follows: first half due December 1; second half due the following June 1.

You may check a property’s billing status using the using the following link Property Information Billing and Payment Report and selecting  Record Search, Property Information.

If you have a problem with the amount of the bill, please contact the City Clerk and Tax Collection Office at 516-6018. They have all the documents necessary to file for an abatement.