CIP - Police

CIP - Police

The Police portion of the proposed CIP totals $857,418 in FY2021. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2021-26 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026.

Police Cruiser Replacement Program

This is a continuance of the City's plan to replace front line fully marked police cruisers. The program purchases five vehicles one year and four in the next. This 5/4 plan is essential to maintain safe vehicle operation and limit maintenance costs.

Vehicles taken off line are sold. The revenue from the sales is used to purchase smaller more fuel efficient vehicle for police detectives, inspection services and other city departments in need of vehicles. 

Fleet Services recommends purchasing Ford Police Interceptor Utility (SUV) vehicles which are currently priced at $28,500.

Cost: $144,000

Public Safety Commission Infrastructure Upgrade

This project will upgrade specific infrastructure related to public safety radio communications that will enhance fire fighter and police officer safety. The existing audio recorder cannot record tactical fire or police frequencies, which are used during disasters, structure fires or critical police incidents. Additionally the project will upgrade infrastructure related to public safety radio communications at the Mast Road tower location.

Cost: 123,418

Records management/CAD Software

This project will replace the Police Departments 20 year old Computer Aided Dispatch / Records Management software. The City’s current CAD/RMS system is not appropriate for the current needs of the Police and Fire departments, and the current software vendor is no longer fully supporting the system. The project will replace the existing antiquated CAD/RMS system with one that is compatible with existing police and fire call taking, dispatch and reporting requirements as well as being ESRI Geodatabase, SPOTS, NCIC compatible. The project will provide a system with built in redundancies that improves record and report management, crime analysis, data dissemination, document retention, and case management abilities.

Cost: $590,000