Budget Revealed

Fiscal Transparency is Essential to Effective Government


The City of Dover is committed to open government, transparency and public participation. Fiscal transparency is vital to effective local government and the City of Dover makes it a practice to disclose public records, documents and information that contribute to a better informed community and foster efficiency and accountability. Budget Revealed was created to provide the community with easy but comprehensive access to the City of Dover's financial records and public information, which allows the community to track how tax dollars and revenue are spent. Budget Revealed Quote 3 Here you will find a host of resources intended to provide detailed information about your government, including how the City's budget is created and managed. Detailed information about spending, including payments made by the City each month, purchase orders, City wages and the annual budget and related documents are all readily available here. Budget Revealed will continually be updated with the most recent fiscal information. In addition, other content and multimedia are provided to help explain how local government functions. Something you'd like to see on Budget Revealed? E-mail us your thoughts at budgetrevealed@dover.nh.gov.  Want to learn more about the budget process? Below is a presentation by City Manager J. Michael Joyal, Jr., that details how the annual budget is created, funded and managed.