Highway Division

Mission Statement

To efficiently and fairly maintain all of Dover’s roadways, sidewalks, storm drainage system, and other infrastructure. To provide for a timely and effective snow and ice removal program this will prevent undue hardship on the community.


Highway Division Goals

  • Provide for annual State inspections on vehicles
  • Repair of all roads, sidewalks, catch basins, drainage pipes and swales
  • Maintain guard rails and bridges
  • Sweep and clean roads and sidewalks
  • Support other Divisions as needed during emergencies or heavy work loads, such as water and sewer line breaks, grounds maintenance or building repairs
  • Plow, salt and sand roadways and designated sidewalks during snow and icing conditions
  • Remove snow in city parking lots
  • Haul and remove snow from downtown area
  • Work with Dover Police on emergency response issues, such as road conditions, and parking bans