CIP - TIF Funds

CIP - TIF Funds

The TIF Funds portion of the proposed CIP totals $2,400,000 in FY2021. More information about the first year requests can be found below. Refer to the CIP book for FY2021-26 for a complete list of proposed projects for fiscal years 2022 through 2026.

Street/Utility Extension - Waterfront Parcel

The portion of Washington Street (from River to Towne Drive) is in very poor shape, and is not intended to handle large volumes of traffic. This upgrade will allow for increased traffic routing options and provide an attractive alternative entrance for visitors to Maglaras Park.

The design will transition the road from the urban core to the residential area of Henry Law Avenue with a parkway design, as it flows through Maglaras Park.

Cost: $2,400,000