Indoor Pool Recreation 9 Henry Law Ave.
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(603) 516-6441

7 Days a Week, Hours Subject to Change


Water based activities are proven to be lower stress on our bones, joints and muscles and this class is known to be great exercise and a lot of fun. No need to sign up – just drop in and pay the daily fee. The Dover Indoor Pool will again be offering our very popular Hydrofitness class. The class will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30-10:30am and is great for anyone looking for a low to medium impact water based class.
No need to sign-up - just drop in and pay the daily fee!

Adults (Ages 18 - 61): $5/day
Seniors (Ages 62+): $3/day

Adults (Ages 18 - 61): $7/day
Seniors (Ages 62+): $4/day

Please feel free to drop in for a class at the Dover Indoor Pool on Henry Law Avenue or give us a call at 603-516-6441 with any questions.