Building it Brighter

Building it Better

It’s a bright future for education in Dover.

That future takes shape each day with the construction of a new high school and career technical center. When the new school opens next year, it will represent the community’s steadfast commitment to continuous learning, innovation and facing the ever-changing challenges of today’s students and educators.

The ongoing work of Dover’s educators, students, and the Joint Building Committee guiding the project ensures the new Dover High School and Regional Career Technical Center will be a state-of-the-art facility that fosters a love for learning and helps students prepare with confidence for the future.

A project of this scope is only possible with robust community support. The new high school and career technical center is taking shape because of the generosity and commitment of Dover’s residents, businesses, students, educators and civic leaders.

Recognizing a new high school is an extraordinary and unique opportunity for Dover, the Building It Brighter initiative aims to provide a financial boost to expand school resources and programs. This initiative follows the formation of a fundraising panel by the Joint Building Committee, which tasked the group with seeking funds for enhancements to complement the new school.

“Our new high school will be the pride of Dover for decades,” said City Councilor and Joint Building Committee member Sarah Greenshields. “This school is the community’s investment in the future of our children and our city. We know it will be an amazing and innovative school. Building It Brighter is a way for us to provide additional resources, programs and assets that take full advantage of the school’s potential from day one.”

Dover School Board Chair and JBC member Amanda Russell said Building It Brighter will also help bridge the school’s excellent programs and talented students with the community at large.

“Our new school will be a true community center,” Russell said. “Our students are active members of the community and our future leaders. But this school is also where we all can share in the experience of guiding these young leaders, whether by attending special events at the school’s auditorium, town square, athletic fields and courtyard, or visiting the Career Technical Center for a meal at the culinary program’s restaurant, having a car serviced by students in the automotive program, or a manicure by students in the cosmetology program’s salon.”

JBC Chair and Deputy Mayor Robert Carrier said Building It Brighter allows the group to pursue programs the construction budget does not afford.

“The JBC has been diligent in making sure that our new school is built on time and on budget,” Carrier said. “At the same time, we are working very hard to make sure our new school reflects the community’s clear vision for the future, to fullest extent of our budget. Like any project of this size, not everything we want is possible. Building It Brighter is a way for members of the community to provide additional support for the programs they value most.”

Building It Brighter seeks additional support for a variety of enhancements, including technology, athletics and athletic fields and facilities, landscaping, the performing arts, an animal science barn, new programs, media center and more. The group is seeking in-kind and monetary donations, including contributions from businesses and organizations interested in directing support to specific facilities or programs.

“We know there are people and organizations who are passionate about particular programs and facilities,” Greenshields said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to have a direct impact on the future of education in Dover.”

For more information about how we’re all Building It Brighter, or to make a donation, contact Evonne Kill-Kish, Dover School Business Office Assistant, at