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Captain David A. Terlemezian

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The Support Services Division provides services in a support role to the Field Operations Division. If the Field Operations Division is considered the division of first responders, then the Support Services Division may be considered a division of specialized sworn officers and civilians charged with directing the administrative, technical, and community services functions of the police department.

The Support Services Division consists of the following components:

Special Services Bureau:  The Special Services Bureau consists of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the Legal Unit. The SIU includes the detectives that specialize in major crimes, crime scene investigation, narcotics enforcement, digital forensics and juvenile crimes. The Legal Unit includes the police prosecutor, a victim witness advocate and an executive secretary. The prosecutor is responsible for some misdemeanor and all violation level offenses enforced by the Dover Police Department. The victim witness advocate assists victims of crime in cases prosecuted by the Legal Unit and misdemeanor domestic violence offenses prosecuted by the Strafford County Attorney’s Office.

Community Outreach Bureau: The Community Outreach Bureau promotes the departmental philosophy of being an active member of the community. It is the largest and most diverse bureau within the Support Services Division and is made up of the Community Response and Engagement Unit, the Social Work Unit, the Prevention Services Unit, and the Dover Teen Center.

Professional Standards Unit: This organizational component is the point of contact for all police applicants. Additionally, all recruitment, selection, hiring, equipment and police oriented training and personnel matters are coordinated through this unit. Additionally, the unit manages the department’s written directive and accreditation management systems. Lastly, the Professional Standards Unit is responsible for building maintenance for the police facility and the parking garage.

Records Unit: The Records Unit serves as the memory of the police department, and it is here that all reports and calls for service related documents are processed and stored. Requests for reports of all types are processed through the unit as well as the different permits issued by the department.

Information Technology: Information Technology is an element within the Support Services Division responsible for the development, purchase, and maintenance of computer hardware, software and data communication systems within the Dover Police Department and providing training to department personnel.  

This unit is responsible for Informational Technology support in the following law enforcement areas:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Mobile Data System (MDS)
  • Records Management Systems (RMS)
  • Digital Information Management System (DIMS)
  • Crime Reports, Statistics and Mapping (NIBRS, UCR, Crystal Reports)
  • Computer Assisted Training (CAT)
  • Personnel Management
  • Property Management

Grant Management: The Support Services Division Commander is responsible for grant management for the agency, including applying for funding, ensuring funds are spent according to the grant's terms and conditions, reporting the progress of the grant funded projects, and closing out grants once the funds are spent and the project is complete.

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