Whitter Street Sidewalk Improvements

updated 5/19/2022

City recommends sewer service inspection for homes in project area

The Whittier Street sidewalk project set to begin in early summer includes constructing a sidewalk on the easterly side of Whittier Street from Sixth Street to Glenwood Avenue. That section of Whittier Street is also targeted for milling and paving as part of this year's street paving program.

On May 16, 2022, the City of Dover mailed a notice to property owners within the construction area to recommend an inspection of their sewer service line that runs from their house to the street to determine its condition. The city is responsible for maintaining sanitary sewer mains; property owners are responsible for maintaining individual sewer service connections from their house to the sewer main located in the street.

If sewer service replacement is needed in the next five to seven years, the City of Dover recommends that property owners replace it this year. In doing so, property owners would avoid fees for street/sidewalk damages and an excavation permit due to the pending construction work. The city believes many sewer services on this street date to the home's construction and may need replacement.

Area companies that provide sewer inspections include:

  • Rooter-Man, located in Portsmouth; 603-430-8485
  • A Sewer Service, located in Dover; 603-749-2433
  • Value Rooter, located in South Berwick, Maine; 207-384-2879

City of Dover ordinances prohibits excavation of newly paved roads for five years after completion to protect the city's infrastructure investment, except for specific situations, such as repairing or replacing essential utility service like sewer service. If excavation is needed, the property owner must pay street/sidewalk damage fees. Per ordinance, street damage fees are tripled for pavement less than two years old; it's doubled for pavement between two and five years old.

The city has contracted with G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc. to perform the sidewalk project. If needed, G.W. Brooks and Son has offered to provide a cost estimate for individual sewer service replacement; however, residents are not required to utilize that contractor if they want their service replaced. Please contact Jillian Semprini by Friday, June 10, 2022, if you would like to receive a quote from the contractor or if you intend to have your service replaced by another contractor. Semprini can be contacted at 603-516-6450 or j.semprini@dover.nh.gov.

G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc. has also offered to reconstruct private driveways impacted by the project. Any disturbed driveway area in the right-of-way will be repaved at the city's expense; however, property owners may want to repave their driveway during construction to be seamless with the driveway apron in the right-of-way. Please email Jillian Semprini by Friday, May 27, 2022, if you wish to have the contractor provide a quote. Residents are not required to utilize the contractor should they want their driveway repaved.

For questions or for more information, contact Assistant City Engineer Jillian Semprini at 603-516-6450 or j.semprini@dover.nh.gov.

Project Overview

This project will install a sidewalk on the easterly side of upper Whittier Street from Sixth Street to Glenwood Avenue, connecting to existing sidewalks on Glenwood Avenue, Sixth Street and lower Whittier Street. The City Council awarded the contraction bid to GW Brooks Brooks & Son, Inc., of Freedom, for a cost not exceed $488,163.

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Project History

This project was part of the Capital Improvements Program, the six year document updated annually the city utilizes to plan for significant capital projects. In 2018, the city held a competitive bid to select a consultant to design engineering plans for the project. The City Council awarded that contract in 2018 to The Engineering Corporation (TEC). After an initial neighborhood meeting about the project on Aug. 2, 2018 at the Community Services headquarters on Mast Road, TEC created design specifications for the project. The City of Dover sought construction bids on Feb. 2, 2022. The City Council awarded the bid on March 23, 2022 to G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc. of Freedom. 

The City of Dover held two neighborhood meetings in 2022 about the project. The first was on April 5, and the second was on May 11. At the May 11 meeting, attendees were introduced to the contractor.