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Parking Bans

The City of Dover issues parking bans on a storm-by-storm basis. For more information about parking bans, including how to sign up for notifications, visit the parking ban page here: www.dover.nh.gov/government/city-operations/police/parking-bureau/parking-bans.html

Pay Parking Violations Online

Parking Violation PaymentsMotorists can make parking violation payments online through the city’s parking management provider, Cardinal Tracking, instead of making a trip to the Parking Bureau or mailing a check. Click here to pay online or visit https://citations.dover.nh.gov/.

A vehicle license plate number and violation number are required to access the system. A $1.50 administrative fee per ticket is added to the process. Printed receipts are provided and the city parking program is immediately updated that the account has been paid.

People receiving a parking citation either on a Friday evening, or over the weekend will need to wait until the next business day for that citation to be available in the online payment system.

For more information, contact the Parking Bureau at 516-6132.

Motorcycle Parking Rules

Motorcycles may share a parking stall, but each motorcycle must have its own meter receipt. Meter receipts should be left on the motorcycle using the area where the seat and gas tank meet or any place a cable may hold it in place. There is a tear-off portion with each receipt that the driver should keep with them in the event the other half is dislodged.

Disability Parking Rules

Vehicles displaying an accessible parking placard or plate, and if the person to whom the placard or plate is issued is going to or from the vehicle, does not need to display a meter receipt. However, time limits (three hours in the downtown) remain in effect. Downtown employees with accessible parking needs may park all day without charge in all city parking lots.

Parking Bureau Available To Help With Disability Parking Questions For Private Lots

The rules for disabled parking requirements for private parking lots can be complicated. The Dover Parking Bureau can help you find answers to most questions.

Contact Parking Manager Bill Simons.

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