Public Works Building Engineering 271 Mast Rd. 516-6450


8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Engineering Division 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Division is to provide the City of Dover with professional engineering services that ensure long-range comprehensive planning, sound project design, and quality construction management, and to provide technical engineering assistance to other Departments of the City.

Engineering Division Responsibilities

  • Maintain Public Works plans and records
  • Identify needed capital projects
  • Design and oversee projects in the Capital Improvements program
  • Review projects for the Planning Board and City Departments
  • Inspect projects for compliance with ordinances and regulations.
  • Issue permits and licensing in the right of way
  • Oversee pavement markings
  • Conduct septic system review
  • Provide cost estimates for City projects
  • Oversee environmental activities in the community