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Captain David A. Terlemezian

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The Support Services Division provides services in a support role to the Field Operations Division. If the Field Operations Division can be considered a Division of “first responders”, then the Support Services Division may be considered a division of specialized and technically oriented personnel charged with directing the administrative, technical, and community services functions of the agency.

The Support Services Division consists of the following components:

Professional Standards Bureau: This organizational component is the point of contact for all police applicants, and all recruitment, selection, hiring, equipment and police oriented training and personnel matters are coordinated through this Bureau. Additionally, this bureau manages the department’s written directive
and accreditation management systems.

Records Bureau: The Records Bureau serves as the memory of the police department, and it is here that all reports and call for service related documents are processed and stored.

Community Outreach Bureau: The Community Outreach Bureau promotes the departmental philosophy of being an active member of the community. The following functions and programs are coordinated by this Bureau: youth oriented prevention programs, school resource officer assignments, peer outreach and DARE activities, neighborhood officer assignments, the Dover Coalition for Youth as well as other community and neighborhood police programs, crime prevention functions and the police Explorer Post.

Senior Volunteer Program: Senior volunteers are utilized in support roles according to their particular skills and abilities.

Information Technology Services (ITS): Information Technology Services is an element within the Support Services Division responsible for the development, purchase, training and maintenance of computer hardware, software and data communication systems within the Dover Police Department.

This Section is responsible for Informational Technology Support in the following Law Enforcement areas:

  • CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
  • Mobile Data System (MDS)
  • Records Management Systems (RMS)
  • Crime Reports, Statistics and Mapping (NIBRS, CrimeInfo, Crystal Reports)
  • Computer Assisted Training (CAT)
  • Personnel Management
  • Property Management

Grants Management:

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