Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter Parking Restrictions Winter Parking Ban Update

On Nov. 1, 2018 the City of Dover moved from a calendar-based winter parking ban to an “as-needed” restriction.  

Unless a parking ban is declared, there is no need to keep your vehicle off the streets as required by the old calendar-based restriction. 

When needed, a parking ban will be declared by 3 pm to begin at 10 PM city-wide, except for the areas on the downtown area map.   (Earlier start times may be enacted in either zone in the event of a major storm or cleanup). 

Any vehicle parked on the street, sidewalk or adjacent public parking area (such as the public angled parking spaces on School or First Streets) may be ticketed and/or towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. 


The following streets have been posted for NO PARKING ANY TIME for the period of December 1 to April 1.    These additoinal restrictions were needed due to the limted width of the roads and concerns about plows and emergency vehicles being able to pass.

When a parking ban is delared, both sides of the listed streets are restricted, as are all other city streets.

  • Third Street - Northerly (odd numbered) side from Chestnut to Grove
  • Fourth Street - Northerly side (odd numbered) from Chestnut to Grove
  • Fifth Street - Northerly side (odd numbered) from Chestnut to Grove
  • Lincoln Street - Northerly side (odd numbered) from Chestnut to Grove
  • Summer Street - Southerly side (even numbered) from Central to Belknap
  • Belknap Street - Westerly side (odd numbered) from Washington to Silver
  • Cushing Street - Easterly side (even numbered) from Washington to Silver
  • Lexington Street - Easterly side (even numbered) from Washington to Silver
  • Rogers Street - Southwesterly side (even numbered)
  • Forest Street - Northwesterly side (even numbered)
  • Essex Street - Southwesterly side (even numbered)
  • Hancock Street - Southwesterly side (even numbered)
  • Folsom Street - Southerly side (even numbered)
  • Nelson Street - Southerly side (even numbered)

For more information and to sign up for parking ban notifications go to

Key Points of the new program:

  • Parking bans may be called for nights other than the storm night to accommodate clean-up activities.
  • It is incumbent on residents/businesses to notify their visitors of any parking ban.
  • Most public parking lots have areas available for overnight parking. Go to for info.
  • The parking garage has limited short term spaces available and is for “Permit Parking Only” above the 2nd floor (look for signs). Overnight parking is available in spaces 101-278.   From 2 am to 6 am the fee is $1/hr and can paid at the meter after 9 pm or from your phone with the “Whoosh” app.
  • If you are going to be out of town for a few days and leaving a vehicle, assume a parking ban will be enacted and find alternative parking options. Do not try and predict the weather. 
  • It is incumbent on rental property owners to properly notify their tenants of the program, especially when they move in mid-season.

The restriction begins on the streets within the downtown area at 1 AM the following morning of a declared ban. 

A map of the affected area downtown can be viewed here:

Downtown Parking Ban Map

Questions?? Call 603-516-6132 or e-mail the Parking Bureau at

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