Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What work requires a building permit?

A: Building permits are required for any construction, enlargement, alteration, relocation, or demolition to a structure; a change of occupancy to a building or structure requiring greater strength, exit or sanitary provisions; a change to another use; installation or alteration of any equipment for which provisions are made or the installation of which is regulated by the currently adopted Building Code for the City of Dover.

Q: When is a building permit not required?

A: Building permits are not required for simple and normal maintenance and repairs, provided that such work does not exceed $2,500.00.

Q: Is a permit required if I am a homeowner doing work on my own house?

A: Yes.

Q: Is a permit required to install a shed?

A: A permit is not required to install a shed that is less than 200 square feet.

Q: Is a permit required to install a fence, and where may it be installed?

A: A permit is not required to install a fence that does not exceed 7 feet in height. A fence shall be installed on your property and it is suggested that it is located to allow for maintenance on both sides while remaining on your own property. For more detailed regulations please see the Zoning Ordinance.

Q: How do I apply for a permit?

A: You can apply for a permit using the City of Dover’s online permitting portal

Q: What attachments and submittals are required for a building permit?

  • Complete Plan Set:
    • A floor plan layout with dimensions and labeled rooms, appliances, egress, etc.
    • Foundation plan indicating footing and wall thickness, required reinforcing steel locations, bolt spacing, and interior footings sized to carry all attributable design loads.
    • Floor, ceiling and roof framing plans indicating joist span, size, and direction, beam size(s), direction, and location of columns/bearing points. Note that all engineered and/or steel beams require sizing documentation.
    • A section of roof indicating the location of ceiling joists/rafter ties that create a continuous connection of opposing rafters. If ceiling joists/rafter ties are not located in the lower third of the rafter rise a structural ridge beam with sizing documentation is required.
  • Site plan for new construction, expansion, relocation of a structure or building. (Include measurements in linear feet from property lines and all other structures.)
  • A floor plan layout with dimensions and labeled rooms, appliances, egress, etc. for interior construction, alterations and remodels.

Q: Do my plans need to be stamped?

A: Construction for single family and two-family dwelling units do not require stamped plans. For all other construction please see RSA 310-A:52 for other exemptions. 

Q: How long is the review process?

A: Provided the required attachments and submittals are uploaded at the time of application, the turnaround time for a permit review is 10 to 14 business days. Applications will not move on for review without the required submittals. 

Q: What building inspections are required and when?

A: Below are required inspections in the order they should take place. Please note not all inspections apply to every situation and additional inspections may be required as needed. Check with other departments for their required inspections.

    1. Foundation (Prior to backfill) 
    2. Rough-In: Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical with fire stopping in place
    3. Insulation
    4. Fire Stopping
    5. Final Inspection

Q: How can I schedule an inspection?

A: You can request an inspection using the City of Dover’s online permitting portal or call Inspection Services at 603-516-6038. At least a 2-business day notice is suggested.

Q: How can I view building permit records?

A: You can search current records using the online permitting portal or call ahead to Inspection Services to see if we have any records on file. Please note that there aren’t always records to see. It is suggested to utilize Dover’s mapping site to get basic information on the property in question.