Employee of the Quarter

Officer Daniel Hurley

Officer Dan Hurley“Officer Hurley has been employed with the Dover for just over 2 years and has improved tremendously.  Per his own admissions, he expressed a lack of knowledge of the criminal code, motor vehicle law and department policies.  He has worked hard at reviewing these and continues to do so as he builds a stronger foundation as a police officer.  He has been assigned to multiple shifts and worked hard to grasp and understand the fundamentals of police day to day operations.  You can easily tell that Officer Hurley is more confident and projects a stronger command presence.  Officer Hurley is a well liked and respected member of whatever shift he works.  He interacts with his peers, supervisors, other department employees and people from the public with ease, professionalism and is always upbeat and friendly.  He is the epitome of a Dover Police officer and has what an officer needs to excel.

Officer Hurley recently achieved two long term goals from last year when he was assigned to the Accident Reconstruction Team and most recently the Crime Scene Unit.  Since Officer Hurley started here at Dover, he expressed interest in both units and took the necessary steps to increase his knowledge and understanding of both.  Officer Hurley worked hard at understanding how and why accidents happened and if the involved parties story made sense.  He also worked hard at understanding crime scene processing and investigations and handles complicated investigations with ease now. “


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