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Sawyer School classes, undated

   class Sawyer undated.jpg

From handwritten notes on the back of the photograph:
Teacher, Miss Ricker
...bert Mitchell (corner torn, first syllable of name lost)
Bert Stacey
(first name indecipherable) Emerson
(first name indecipherable) Levitt
Willis Grogan
Lottie Fischer
Annie Briley (?)
Maggie Conlen
Bessie Courson
Grace Hull
Blanche Snow
Mabel Legg (?)
Annie Shaw
Ella Baker
Evelyn Walingford
Ella Clough
Gilda Foss
___ Baxter
Henry Taylor
Willie Webber
___ Colbath
Frank Twombley
Arthur Stacy
John Rowd (?)
Thorn (?) McIntyre
Charlie Varney
Charles Asfrin (?)
Robert Webster (?)
Clarence Whitehouse
Edith (last name indecipherable)
Gertrude Melon
Eva Penney
Angie Clough

class Sawyer undated 2.jpg


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