Sustainable Dover Framework

The City of Dover will utilize these four guidelines, endorsed by the Dover Energy Advisory Committee, based on the Natural Steps for Communities model, and approved by the American Planning Association, to help communities implement sustainable practices:  

  • 1.  What we take does not build up in and harm nature or people. (Reduce dependence upon fossil fuels, and extracted underground metals and minerals.)
  • 2.  What we make does not build up and harm nature or people. (Reduce dependence on chemicals and other manufactured substances that can accumulate in nature.)
  • 3.  We protect natural systems from degradation. (Reduce dependence on activities that harm life-sustaining eco-systems.)
  • 4.  We support people to meet their own needs. (Meet the hierarchy of present and future human needs fairly and efficiently.)

These guidelines can assist city employees, elected officials and volunteer committees and boards in moving in a more sustainable direction in decision-making, policy development, and City planning.

The use of an internationally recognized framework, and standardized goals, to guide City sustainability efforts represents an effort to work in concert with global sustainability efforts, and provides the ability to rate and compare efforts with other communities.