Plan Development Goals

Goals in the Development of the Sustainability Plan:

  • To develop a comprehensive approach to sustainability for the City of Dover through a Sustainability Plan that will serve as a tool and a road map for helping the City coordinate efforts, track progress, and focus energies on the highest priorities.
  • To develop a Plan that considers actions that City operations could take to become sustainable in practice and improve conditions recognizing that the City needs to lead by example.   
  • To develop a Plan with  strategies that move the community, businesses, developers, other agencies and the public in concert toward a more sustainable future and build momentum for such through a branded sustainability program. 
  • To identify strategic alliances, recognizing that many of the goals and strategies needed to create a more sustainable future cannot be accomplished alone. 
  • To develop a user-friendly Plan  accepted and approved by the City and community that voices the will of the current community while protecting the needs of future generations, and becomes the guiding document for future decisions and actions.