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Print from Library Computers


You can print black and white (15 cents) or color pages (50 cents) from our library computers.  The printer is located in the Reference Room near the elevator on the main floor.


1.  Choose print from the file menu.


2.  Make sure the "B&W 15 cent Easy" printer is chosen if you want to print in Black and White and click "Print".


3.  Give your job a name - any name is fine, you just want to be able to find your document on the list at the printer. Click the OK button (the enter key doesn't work for this).


4.  A box will pop up saying that your job is held in a queue.


5.  Go to the printer which is located in the Reference Room near the elevator.  There is a monitor and mouse next to the printer.


6.  Click on the "Click here to print" button on the screen.


7.  This will bring up a list of jobs that are waiting to print and will tell you how much money is required for your job(s).


8.  There is a coin box next to the monitor/mouse table that takes quarters, dimes, nickels, as well as one and five dollar bills.  Put your money in the coin box.


9.  Click print next to your job.


10.  The printouts will be in the opening at waist level on the printer.


11.  Click on the "Done" button on the screen to have the coin box return any change.