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How to narrow our search results in our online catalog

1.  Try your search


Sometimes you search for something, but you get too many results.  It can be hard to find the one title you are looking for.  This is when you want to REFINE YOUR SEARCH.

2.  Choose the author you want


Often it helps to choose the author of the title you want.  In our search for Harry Potter, choosing J. K. Rowling will remove books that talk about the series.

3. Choose the format you want


Now we still have movies in our list, and a book in Spanish that is at the High School.  Let’s limit our results to books at the Dover Public Library.

4.  Success!


Now we have the results that we are looking for.  See all the ways that you can limit the search in the left hand column:  Limit to titles that are available now, by author, holding library, item type (format), location in the library, series, places and topics.