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Find lots of interesting information in Explora.  You can browse many subjects through its picture interface, or you can search for something.  Many topics have Topic Overviews and links to encyclopedia articles to get you started.  Then there are articles from magazines and journals which let you explore in whatever direction you like.  There are even videos.  You can limit the articles displayed by reading level (Lexile range).  Clicking on the PDF Full Text icon will display the actual magazine pages.  The HTML Full Text item shows the words of the articles, and will even read the article aloud.

See what you can discover!


Go to the Kids tab on our website (library.dover.nh.gov) and click on Homework Help


Click on the Explora icon


You can type something into the search box at the top, or click on one of the pictures to browse for something interesting.


What interests you today?


You can read the Topic Overview, or read one of the articles by clicking on the HTML Full Text icon or the PDF Full Text icon.  


You can watch Associate Press Videos.  You can limit the results by reading level (Lexile Range).


If you choose HTML Full text, you can listen to the article or read it yourself.

What will you discover?