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Download ebooks and audiobooks from Overdrive

eBooks and audiobooks are free with your library card

1.  You will need the following:

A device.  your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Your library card and password.

The Overdrive app on your device or Overdrive Media Console software installed on your computer.


2.  Start at our website


3.  Sign in to your account to see what is available to borrow, including Advantage materials



Advantage titles feature this symbol, which indicates a copy is available to Dover patrons only.

4.  Search for a Title or Author, or browse categories.

Notice the difference between the audiobook and eBook icons.  Grey icons mean they aren't available and must be placed on hold. Black icons mean they are available to be checked out.


5.  This screen shows that the eBook is checked out and can be placed on hold.

Ask us about different formats, the clickable subjects, and copy information, or check the help page to learn more about them.


6.  This page shows books you have borrowed.

The next step is to download your title, or if you've changed your mind, return it and pick another.


7.  Pick your format from the drop down menu that appears when you click the Download button.

If you have a Kindle or are using the Kindle app, choose Kindle.  If you are using the Overdrive app, pick the EPUB format.  Click confirm to deliver the book.


8.  The process for an audiobook is basically the same.

You can download it to your computer and transfer it to a device, or open the Overdrive app and download it to your phone or tablet.


ebookaudiobook8a.jpg ebookaudiobook8b.jpg 
9.  Need help?

Find step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos here

eBook help


Audiobook help


Another helpful site with troubleshooting time, help getting started, as well as weekly posting of new titles is the NH Downloadable Books Blog


 10.  Congratulations!

You are now ready to enjoy the digital audiobook or eBook!  Welcome to the digital age!

Remember to return your items when you have finished reading or listening ot them.  This will free you up for another loan because you may only borrow 3 items at a time.