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There are so many places to find information that it is hard to know where to look!

It is important to decide how important the validity of the information is.  Much of the information that is on the internet comes from people just like you.  It may be very accurate, or it may not be.  If the accuracy of the information isn't critical (for instance, if you want to understand an issue in a general sense) then most websites will give you pretty good information.  If it is important that the information is very accurate (for instance, you want to research treatments for an illness), then you should be careful about where you are finding information.

Generally, you can have more confidence in the reliability of information if it comes from a reputable source.  Books go through an extensive editing phase which should eliminate errors in information.   Published journals and magazines also are heavily reviewed.  Websites can be very reliable if they are carefully reviewed for errors.  Look at the publisher of the website to help you decide whether you trust the information.

You can search our book, DVD, and CD collections for the topics that you are looking for.  You can also look at our online resources which are quite reliable.


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